The Return to ‘Normality’

The return to the traditions of a classroom; with the sharing of space and time with other students and the entirety of a full day of learning, listening and concentrating will be somewhat exhausting. It’s more important now than ever for our learning communities (educators, parents and students) to come together and be aware of the stress and strain of it all. There will be a potential effect on the wellbeing of our youth.

Rules Without Ruling

There is no break as a parent, and you are forever feeling the responsibility for your child(ren)s happiness. Therefore we understand that sometimes you simply give-in due to exhaustion... I mean, some battles just aren't worth it, right! However, as a parent know that you should always be respected by your child and your happiness should too be of importance to them.

Why the positive…

Sounds good to us! As our children delve deeper into the voraciously growing and changing 21st Century environment we want to ensure as parents, schools and teachers we can keep them grounded.

Sir Ken Robinson: a true inspiration to us

Australian schools are lucky that they can independently choose pedagogies. There has been a positive shift to move towards creative or inquiry delivery (especially in the Primary years) over the past decade or so. Meaning that schools are choosing a curiosity-engagement-creativity linear style for teaching outcomes. ACARA too (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) has created a Critical and Creative Thinking aspect for the assessment of curriculum, however unfortunately standardized testing is still the outcome of our schools importances (especially in Secondary).

How to Revive Remote Learning: for just a little while longer.

Expectations are important for children and assist in the development of a motivated and happy individual. When kids have clear expectations, that are also achievable, they are likely to feel successful and willing to ‘have a go’. Make sure though, that expectations set within this challenging time are not based on specific goals, as this will most likely create pressure.

The Missing Socials

We recommend you pause and take a breath. Firstly reach out to your extra support networks and make sure that you are ok. Once you’ve found another wind of strength (because let’s face it, parents are superheroes) we need to think about how we can get our children to the finish line of this 2020 hardship.

Supporting Effective Learning

Learning itself is a natural thing. We have interests, loves, and likes that we naturally gravitate towards in our lifetime. Behaviourists, cognitivists, constructivists and education researchers, have completed many studies on how we learn, and how we should teach. Like all theories, these of course, are constantly changing and growing with each new bit of research.

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