Remote Learning #roundtwo

We’re all in this together…

Yesterday, Positive Teaching had the privilege of listening to Global Education Leaders, Allan Dougan and Beverley McCormick from 3P Learning. You may know 3P Learning from their educational platforms; Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Word Flyer, Stemscope Science and more. They held a Professional Development for teachers on Remote Learning Feedback from Australia, New Zealand and throughout the UK. 

So how ARE the teachers feeling?

From 3P’s discussion forum, we were hearing that teachers were stressed! Generally feeling like they could not provide the level of individually tailored education that they are used to in their classrooms. 

This was for many reasons; limited face-to-face time with individual students; not a lot of support for students with extra needs; a need to create overall content for their classes however a lack of time to take into account the varied learning styles of the students. 

Overall, they wanted their students to achieve their best and were often feeling frustrated and responsible for things out of their control… is this perhaps what parents are feeling as well? 

How did they start to fix this?

They had to embrace the circumstances of the Pandemic and begin to realise that with little notice and preparation (or even access to their resources) they must accept what is. For Melbourne teachers, they were embracing the second time around as an opportunity to slow down and focus on the values of learning. Encouraging ‘self-motivated learners’ amongst their students.

But what about Parents, the other main role player in remote learning?

In an article released in the Herald Sun on Monday the 20th July 2020, by Susie O’Brien and Kamahl Cogdon. It was summarised that in the study #ISOmums released by Marketing Mums (although we prefer the term #isoparents) that; “20% of Melbourne mothers found remote learning ‘next level’ stressful, 40% said it was tough but they coped, and 18% said they were alright!”

From the 3P Learning forum, it was understood that the teachers were hearing that Parents were; feeling like their kids had all these worksheets however were still unable to work alone. The set-up was preventing them from being able to balance their own work and the kids work. Positive Teaching has also been hearing that many parents are bored and frustrated, and so are their children. 

Mrs LD thinks that perhaps it’s time to reassess the remote learning environment. If it’s not working out for you, change the dynamics! Most of us have heard and read a few articles now on how to set out remote learning (if not, take a look at the Weekend Notes) but what’s important to keep, if these things are not working? Simply, you need to do what’s right for you.

Mrs. LDs Quick Tips:

  1. Home schooling and remote learning are different.
  1. Your children are not expected to sit through the normal hours of a school day, however are expected to complete their school’s/teacher’s set tasks.
  1. As Parents, give your children ‘down time’ as well as ‘learning time’. 
  1. A role at home is to build them up with learning values;engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate. Using everyday home tasks.
  1. YOU MUST keep up the reading, writing and numeracy skills.
  1. Allow them to explore different learning on topics of their desire. 
  1. Find out what kind of learner they are; QUIZ and build on this. 
  1. Use the tools out there that are already available, like Mathletics by 3PLearning or pre written text books.

References and resources: – What type of learner am I?

3P Learning – corona virus schooling – remote learning 

Weekend Notes (Canberrra)

© Positive Teaching

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