Social Education: for when times are uncertain.

As Victorians are entering week 1 of their of Stage 4 restrictions, we are hearing all over the news that people are finding it more and more difficult! At Positive Teaching we feel as though you may be wondering how the kids are feeling in all of this? Today’s blog is about how to implement social education and wellbeing for children.

We were asked yesterday, “what do you think about these masks and how the kids are feeling?” In response, we would firstly like to point out that Positive Teaching are professional educators, not psychologist… however, we can point you in the right direction.

Tuning in to your child

Start by listening to your child. Children are their own personality and they all cope with change in different ways. They can often even surprise us with their level of resilience versus our own. gives us a reminder to offer comfort and honesty during this changing time; “follow your child’s lead. But if your kids don’t seem interested and don’t ask a lot of questions, that’s OK.

When kids are looking to be socially informed on anything, it’s important we provide them with just the right amount. This can be decided on what you know they can emotionally handle and cognitively compute.

Harvard Health says that approaches like this will, “strike a balance between answering questions well enough without fueling the flame of anxiety.”

So where to begin looking?

Mrs LD’s Quick Tips

  1. Children often sense the environment of the room, if we stay positive and calm, often so will they.
  2. Don’t dismiss your child’s emotions if they are feeling unsure or worried. Take the time to assure them.
  3. If you are worried yourself, reach out to a health care professional and perhaps have a chat with them and your child.

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