The Positive Movement

To positively engage and teach a child we must be realistic about; emotions, feelings, struggles and milestones! It is about how we, as adults, can control the environment to be that of positive reinforcements and support. Rather than nurturing an environment of negativity and remorse.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning and the Difficulties Remote learning is by no means the ideal situation for any individual. As adults, we are certainly feeling the pressures of COVID-19s environment and there is no doubt that the children are feeling it too. Just like we are missing things, so are they!  Positive Teaching, thought we would take... Continue Reading →

Australian Curriculum

ACARA - What is it? As a parent I am sure you have asked yourself, what is it that they learn in schools now? Makes sense! As the classrooms look the same as thirty years ago, but the teachers do not seem to be teaching the same.  Although education looks slightly different in each state... Continue Reading →

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