Sir Ken Robinson: a true inspiration to us

Australian schools are lucky that they can independently choose pedagogies. There has been a positive shift to move towards creative or inquiry delivery (especially in the Primary years) over the past decade or so. Meaning that schools are choosing a curiosity-engagement-creativity linear style for teaching outcomes. ACARA too (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) has created a Critical and Creative Thinking aspect for the assessment of curriculum, however unfortunately standardized testing is still the outcome of our schools importances (especially in Secondary).

The Positive Movement

To positively engage and teach a child we must be realistic about; emotions, feelings, struggles and milestones! It is about how we, as adults, can control the environment to be that of positive reinforcements and support. Rather than nurturing an environment of negativity and remorse.

Remote Learning

Remote Learning and the Difficulties Remote learning is by no means the ideal situation for any individual. As adults, we are certainly feeling the pressures of COVID-19s environment and there is no doubt that the children are feeling it too. Just like we are missing things, so are they!  Positive Teaching, thought we would take... Continue Reading →

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